Paweł Kazimierowicz - technical solution architect and engineering team leader

I can help you accelerate your R&D processes, design a new product or rapidly create a prototype to verify product market fit.
Combination of technical hands-on experience with business understanding and a team of great engineers enable me to:

  • deliver a complete R&D process of a new product or a service, based upon customer's business needs,
  • rapidly build a prototype to quickly verify the business value of an idea,
  • collaborate with customer's team in selected areas, eg. firmware development, CAD modelling or cloud orchestration.
We can as well treat your new idea with extreme-prototyping process, shoot me an email, to learn more about it (-:

latest projects

Wireless cameras for ML based in-store shelf auditing - pilot deployment

electronics designfirmware developmentsmall scale manufacturingcloud orchestration

We have successfully designed, manufactured and maintained a Proof of Concept system of wireless cameras for Machine Learning based stock monitoring .
Given requirements that were impossible to meet with any off-the-shelf product, we had to to quickly prototype high resolution cameras, that were battery powered and wirelessly managed, manufacture roughly 100 devices and deploy them on the end-customer premises.
The cameras were paired with a gateway combining a microcomputer, cellular modem and low power radio gateway - to interface them with a cloud service. Custom built orchestration platform enabled us to successfully manage the devices deployed in 20 remote locations, monitor their behavior and process queues of tasks to capture and process the images.
Most of the project has been created in house in less than three months from the idea to first deployments, and the ownership of the process enabled us to iteratively implement improvements based on experience from first deployment and customer feedback.

SonicSmith E1 series - eurorack modules

product developmentelectronics designembedded development

I have managed a complete product design process based on an unique Digital Audio Controlled Oscillator technology in an eurorack modular synthesizer form factor. These modules enable a musician to expressively control analog and digital synthesizers with audio signals - using voice or playing any other instrument.
At just 30mm width these modules are packed with features, an input stage amplifier with automatic gain control and compression, digitally switched analog filters, high quality DAC for pitch and envelope CV signals, a management bus to combine multiple modules and a digitally controlled front panel interface.
Based on the user-level design from the client, we have designed the products physical format, designed and simulated the circuits and written the firmware. We have sourced for the components and prepared EDA libraries to make the future design processes much quicker, as well as assembled the prototypes, evaluated their performance and iterated.
The products are in a presale state, you can check out a demo video .

LPWAN knowledge transfer and evangelisation

electronics designproject managementknowledge sharingcommunity building

Together with hubraum - a technology incubator of Deutsche Telekom I have helped more than 50 companies and startups interested in LPWAN technologies - Nb-IoT and LTE-M.
I have conducted evangelisation activities, like workshops and lectures, as well as created my own PoC devices to gather deeper understanding of the challenges related to both hardware and firmware operation of the communication modules. That has enabled me to effectively support their development processes and troubleshoot issues quickly grasping the architecture of each specific device.


Some examples of other projects I've done:

  • complete firmware rework of air pollution sensors with ~1000 devices already deployed,
  • 3D printed an "IoT Valve" for a smart maintenance AR demo,
  • built an ecosystem of visual LED props for stage performers,
  • designed a wirelessly programmable light module for a basketball,
  • built and written firmware for a controller module to drive more than 700 pixels on an LED suit.
Feel free to ask for details if you are interested.

skills and resources


Technical skills that are necessary and helpful to deliver successful hardware and digital solutions

electronics designfirmware developmentcloud orchestrationweb app developmentCAD design & 3D printingsmall scale manufacturing

business understanding

As I have worked with dozens of technology companies, I had a chance to learn about many business models and product challenges.
The real business value is in the focus of R&D processes, so the results can exist in their final context.
Whenever the business value is not fully clear, we can help defining it through research activities.

technical resources

To effectively build hardware solutions we use a broad range of tools

electronics labevaluation boards and toolsdrawers full of useful stuffalready tested designs librarymeasurement and energy profiling tools3D printers & manual tools


Let's see if we align in our values and how I can help you grow your business!

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